Day 1

I joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC) for a couple of reasons. First, because I need the support and mentoring of Michelle & Michele (M&M). I have tried twice before and I lose my motivation after a while. The second reason I joined the UBC is because it sounds like fun and I can use some fun! I am also looking forward to learning new things and meeting new friends!

My blog is about my photography. To start things off, I am writing about the latest assignment from my photography club, also known as Foto Friends. We have been together for 3 years now and meet about 10 times a year to reveal our photos  – taken on a specific theme or at a special place. There are 10 of us who make up the core group plus a couple of others who join when they can.

We last met on June 3rd to see our pictures and decide on a new assignment. Our “leader” was so excited about her idea  – she couldn’t wait to tell us. A PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT!!!

Each of us got to choose a theme/subject for the group to capture. The final list was:

  1. Something Yummy
  2. Cloud Images
  3. Trees:  Wanted Dead or Alive
  4. A Sinking feeling
  5. Doggone It
  6. Pretty Birdie
  7. Spot On
  8. Falling Water
  9. Something Crooked

Instead of showing the photos in groups by our names, this week they will be grouped by subject.  Then we will not know who took each photo and we can look at them together in the grouping.

We meet tomorrow night so I will post my photos after the meeting.


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