Day 19

I love the color red – red flowers, red fruit, red dress, red car. You get the picture, right?

Red Gerber Daisy

Ha – get the picture! Sometimes I just crack myself up!

Red is a difficult color to photograph – I think it’s due to the different saturations, etc. Another reason I love digital cameras is that we can delete the bad (under-saturated) photos!

Red Daylily

My rose bush is actually coral but it often looks red in photographs. I really like this shot because you can see that it is coral.

I like the shot below as it shows endings and new beginnings. My rose bush was a house-warming present when I moved into my home 15 years ago next month. It does well only if I ignore it. This year it has done exceptionally well.


6 thoughts on “Day 19

  1. Some people do better if they’re ignored, too… teenagers, especially, come to my mind! I love red, too, and you’re right — it’s hard to get it right in photographs… to my chagrin!


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