Day 29

It’s hard to believe that the Ultimate Blog Challenge is almost over. I have learned a lot and met some wonderful people. I love learning new things and I am definitely still learning about blogging.

Today I want to talk to you about lens. As I have mentioned before I absolutely love my 55-300mm lens but there are times when I want something wider. I was out for lunch today and before we went into the restaurant, I noticed how wonderful the clouds were today. (Okay, you’re right, I notice them all the time!) After lunch you could tell there was something in the air – gray clouds were moving in quickly. So, I took a couple of picture with my camera then asked my friend if I coud use her wide-angle lens. We both have Nikons so the lens would fit my camera. See if you notice much difference and let me know which you like better:

55-300mm lens

24-120mm lens

55-300mm lens

24-120mm lens

I’m thinking about getting a wide-angle lens next but I’m not sure. I would like to take more expansive photos. I took this one through the windshield today (no, I wasn’t driving) using my lens. I haven’t crop it yet. Give me a minute.

Okay, I’m back. Here’s the same photo only cropped to remove most of the yuckier parts. (Is that even a word?)

I don’t do much more than cropping in post-production but in this case I might want to try to remove the telephone poles and wires. I’ll play with it and let you see what I come up with tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Day 29

  1. Yep, I’m pretty sure “yuckier” is a word. 😉 But, while I know you like to focus on the clouds, I have to say that in many ways, I liked that picture better before it was cropped. With the poles and trees more in view, it created a tunnel-like perspective, giving the clouds a feeling of infinity (though I could wish the cars weren’t there). But, that’s just my opinion, of course.

    I know what you mean about the wider lenses, though. We use the lenses we had with the old 35mm camera, so the focal length is out of whack. However, I’m lucky that my hubby really likes to play with a fisheye, so one of the old lenses is a 16mm. On the DSLR, no fisheye distortion at all, but pretty wide. Score. For convenience, though, I do prefer a zoom; there’s an 18-250 I’d love to have.

    And, lastly, I think you’re very lucky that your lunch partner carries lenses you can borrow; most of my friends think I’m goofy for wanting to take pics at all sorts of random times.


    • I’m still working on “extracting” the telephone wires so I’ll post the results in a day or two. I’m doing both versions. I enjoy hearing your opinion!


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