Day 31 – Last of the numbered posts!

Starting tomorrow I will have to think of titles for my posts. This is the last post of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and the numbering will end too. Too bad – it made it a lot easier to come up with titles!

Earlier today, I introduced you to the “rule of thirds.” I took a few pictures of my newest hibiscus (it’s a sickness – I can’t go to the garden center without returning with at least one) after uploading my post. I was trying to keep the rule of thirds in mind. Here are the results:

I think I like the left middle (#3) version the best. What do you think? I’ll have to do more tests. (Lowe’s is having a sale on Hibiscus!) Here’s another variety – I took this picture from my car through the rolled-down passenger window on the way to work this morning!


6 thoughts on “Day 31 – Last of the numbered posts!

  1. Personally, I think #2 is the best. Cropping is a very simple but oh so effective technique, and it’s so easy to forget about it. Well, that’s what happens to me. How did you cope with a post every day? That’s going some….


    • Hi Caroline, I enjoyed posting every day because it made me think and plan what I was going to discuss. I tried blogging a couple of times in the past and couldn’t keep it up. I did not feel a sense of interaction with readers (if any). I feel that this time and it makes a big difference! I hope to continue but time will tell … Thanks for stopping by.


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