Florida in the summer is not the most stimulating place to be. It is just HOT! HOT! HOT! Basically life consists of going from your air-conditioned house to your air-conditioned car to your air-conditioned job to your air-conditioned car to an air-conditioned restaurant or store to your air-conditioned car and back home.

I snapped this picture after being in my air-conditioned car – hitting the warm air fogged up the lens for a minute or two and I hadn’t realized it (probably because my glasses were foggy too). I was looking for a picture of a “silhouette” for my Photography Scavenger Hunt – less than a week away! I sort of like this but I have a better one from the beach that you’ll see next week.

This brings me to another one of Candy’s hints for photographers – always carry a lens cleaning cloth with you. I bought two from Think Geek that I love, called Spudz – Pocket Microfiber Cloth, for only $5.99. I put a clip on mine and hung one on my camera strap and the other one on my purse strap.

Here are some other pictures that I took around the same time.


One thought on “Summertime

  1. That was a pretty interesting effect; you never know what’s going to make for a cool photo. It’s plenty hot here (OK) lately, too, so I completely relate.

    That’s a good tip about the cloth. I have one in my official camera bag, but usually just grab the camera and go, leaving the bag behind.

    On the other hand, the coolest thing I ever got from Think Geek was a Star Trek pizza cutter I was given as a gift a while back. 😉


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