Another Rainy Day

I have to apologize for being a little absent lately. I’m trying to work through some things. The good news is that I was able to decrease my effort at “work” to 32 hr so now I have Fridays off! Last Friday was my first, and true to form I slept through most of it! But that is not what I plan to do with every Friday!! I’m hoping to keep up with my blog and learn a lot more from my mentors like Michelle Schaefer, Michele Scism, and Danny Iny.

Yesterday was World Photography Day. How many of you knew that? Just as I thought, not a lot. They need to get the word out earlier next year. My plan was to get up and out and take lots of pictures. Did you notice I said “was”? That’s because Mother Nature has a mind of her own! It poured yesterday! I put the following on my Facebook timeline:

Okay, that one shook me up! I have never “loved” thunderstorms like some of my friends do and we are having a MAJOR storm right now. It’s close to 2pm and it looks like 7 or 8pm outside. Then, about 4 minutes ago I saw lightning out of the corner of my eye, followed immediately by the biggest BOOM I have ever heard in my whole life!!! I nearly fell off my chair! If my house had a cellar that’s where I would be! And who knows how long it will last – I need to get out and take pictures for World Photography Day! I guess I’ll have to stand in my garage with the door up and take pictures of the rain – boring!!

I decided to go outside and see what I could see. My comment was:

I’m going to go out in a few minutes. If I don’t post anything by 5 pm – call NCIS and send Gibbs!

I took some pictures in my backyard (with no help from M/M Cardinal), then ventured out to the front yard, and ended up in the garage – no comment necessary! Here is what I found.

My World Photography Day album.


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