One of the titles I came up with for this post was: That was a Storm? But I didn’t use it ’cause you should never criticize or make fun of a storm – it may turn around just to prove you wrong!! It was a relatively mild storm, thankfully. The wind lasted for a couple more days and it rained hard everyday this week. I took this picture Monday evening after work:

Monday evening I also took a couple – or ten – pictures of my newest yellow hibiscus using my 35mm prime lens. You can see there’s a little damage on the petals but she came through the storm in pretty good shape:

As I may have mentioned before, I love to take macro shots and this lens let’s me get very close to my subject:

Getting ready for Isaac to come on Sunday involved collecting some of my yard art that could become projectiles and pulling a couple of plants closer to my front door, especially my lemon tree that has five lemons on it – I keep checking for the yellow to start but not yet:

And then there’s my rosebush who survives and even thrives on abuse:


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