New Toys

I was on last week and ordered myself some filters and a wide-angle lens adapter. I did not spend a lot of money on them because I wanted to try them out and see how I liked them. The first was a 3-piece filter kit that came with a soft case to hold up to 6 filters. The three filters that came with the kit were: Ultra Violet (UV), Warming and Circular Polarizing Filter (CPL). I knew that the UV was mostly for protection as I already had one and that the CPL was to cut glare but I had no idea what the warming one was for. Any guesses? It’s to “warm” up colors in a photo – to change white balance – which most photographers do post-processing. There are some good articles on all the different filters out there. Check out “The Essential Guide to Filters for Digital Cameras” from Expert Photography.

The second was a wide-angle lens adapter. In his review, Craig Volpe described it best: “The lens adapter includes two pieces. They can be used together to give you a wider angle view on your existing lens, or you can just use the macro filter part to take pictures of stuff close up.”

So with all this in mind, I took some pictures today using the CPL and the wide-angle adapter with my 18-55 mm lens.

I love the polarizing filter but need to play with the lens adapter more!

I really like this one!

And this one!

Tomorrow is my Foto Friends meeting so afterwards I can show you the pictures from the river I took a couple of weeks ago. Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “New Toys

    • I didn’t yesterday but I took some today without and with the polarizing filter. I hope to take some tomorrow without and the the wide-angle adapter. I’ll post them all tomorrow.


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