Pictures from the Santa Fe River

Two weeks ago, my photography club (Foto Friends) went to a lovely cabin on the Santa Fe River to take pictures and have a cookout. We met today to reveal our photos so now I can share them with you! It was a gorgeous late summer/early fall day in Florida and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. A couple of members couldn’t make it but most of us – plus a new member – were there. The theme for one of the 10 photos we submitted for reveal was “Reflection.” Due to the locale, weather, and my preferences most of mine had some reflection in them.

1. This was taken from the shore directly in front of the cabin.

2. I found this guy under the back deck. It took a few tries before my camera would stop focusing on the tree in the background!

3. Here’s my first reflection entry. I took the first one soon after we arrived and the second one about 3 hours later. Both were put in the same slide as a diptych.

4. This was the view to the right standing on the shore in front of the cabin.

5. Party crasher!

6. Canoeing! I played around with Photoshop Elements on this one.

7. Reflection scene.

8. Another reflection scene.

9. View to the left from the shore in front of the cabin.

10. Final reflection scene.


6 thoughts on “Pictures from the Santa Fe River

    • I went to graduate school in Iowa and couldn’t wait to go to the beach when I went home to Connecticut so I can relate, Katrina!


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