This is only a test

On my post “New Toys” from a couple of days ago my friend Cheri asked if I had “any comparison shots with/without the adapter, to see what kind of difference it actually makes?” I took some but remember that this is not a scientific test and the results are not official. 😉

1. I took this today with my 18-55mm lens alone from my driveway.

2. Then I took it again with the wide-angle lens adapter attached.

There’s a noticeable difference – I got part of my garage door showing, along with all of my neighbor’s car on the left and house across the street.

Sunday I took a couple of photos without and with the polarizing filter.

1. I used my 18-55mm lens and this one is without the filter.

2. This one was taken with the filter attached.

There is a difference but I’m not sure if I like it – I think it may be good for dealing with glare.

Remember that I’m still learning with these “toys” so I’ll share more photos after I’ve had more practice!


8 thoughts on “This is only a test

    • Thanks for checking out my pictures! I think the polarizing filter may work in specific situations. I also like the wide-angle effects – I want to get a wide-angle lens next but don’t know which one. Any ideas?


  1. I don’t know how I always think I commented and then realize I never did! Anyway, thanks for posting this, and I actually had a follow up question about the adapter picture: on the right hand side of photo, is that part of your garage door, or is it something caused by the adapter itself? I used to have a telephoto adapter, and if you widened the shot too much (since it was not designed for that, of course), it would create a black ring around the photo. Sometimes you could use that for a particular effect and it would be pretty cool, but most times it just annoyed me!

    As for the filter pic, I like it, but it changes the dynamic of the photo. In the original, because it’s a bit more muted, the flowers seem to be nice little bright spots of color. But in the filtered one, everything is much brighter, and the leaves seem to be more of a focal point than the flowers. Nothing wrong with that, just not sure it’s my favorite.


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