Adobe Elements – It’s amazing what you can do

I’ve had Adobe elements for years but only recently really started to use it. So I am learning a ton of cool things. When you first open up your photo you can click on “Auto Enhance” and see what the program thinks your picture should look like. Sometimes it does indeed look better but other times it is worse! I love that “undo” button, don’t you?

I took a couple of pictures while stopped at a red light tonight and then used auto enhance – see if you like the difference.

I like the way the way is just a bit greener and the photo is sharper.

I am not as happy with the changes in this one – it’s a bit sharper but the color is off.

With Elements you can also change the style of your photo – even the colors if you want. One of the pictures I took at the river a couple of weeks ago I changed the look to something you could call old school and changed the colors to sepia.

Some of the fun things you can do include making your photo look like a watercolor painting or a poster. I really like this one – just for fun.

Often the best way to learn something is to just do it and do it and …


2 thoughts on “Adobe Elements – It’s amazing what you can do

  1. I have never used Elements, but I find that the auto-correct on just about any program is hit or miss, and it’s often the color that is a problem for me. I’m not sure why that is, if it’s something about the way I take photos, or something about the way I see, but it always worries me that I so often think the “smart computer program” is wrong!


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