When I moved to Florida in 1993 people told me that there were not a lot of shells on the beaches of Florida anymore. I believed them until my first visit to Captiva Island! There are lots of shells but you have to know where to look and check the weather!

This year the shells were everywhere and plentiful – usually we find conch shells in the water when swimming but this year they were on the shore! I came home with more than I ever have! There were a lot of the pen shell too. My favorite is the olive and it took a bit of hunting to find them but I did. I have been going to Captiva for over 10 years now and have made jewelry, frames, etc. with my shells.

A couple of years ago I finally found an empty glass lamp to fill my shells and used ALL of them! Last year it rained most of the week so I didn’t come home with many shells. But this year I was able to add quite a few to my new collection. Here’s a picture of my lamp before I added the fixture to hold a light bulb and the shade:

Here are some snapshots of shells that I took on the beach:

I’ll post some of my bird pictures tomorrow.


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