What is a shorebird? According to the Free Online Dictionary, a shorebird is any of various birds, such as the sandpiper, plover, or snipe, that frequent the shores of coastal or inland waters. Shorebirds are wading birds that

move incessantly along a beach, running to and fro along the water’s edge while deftly staying just ahead of the advance and retreat of the waves.

They probe the beaches of the world for flies, insect larvae, small crustaceans, small crabs, shrimps, mollusks, marine worms, and … the many creatures that … live in the microspaces between the grains of sand. On the beach, their white color blends well with their preferred sandy environment.  (Chipper Woods Bird Observatory website)

Here are some of my photos of Sanderlings. Later I will do a post of assorted wildlife before I start on the tropical skies.


2 thoughts on “Shorebirds

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