Repetitive Elements

The assignment for the October Foto Friends adventure was “Do it! Do it! Do it!” which meant at least one of our photos had to have three repetitive elements. We went to the Micanopy Fall Harvest Festival in Micanopy, Florida. This took place on Sunday, October 21, 2012 which was just two days after coming home from Captiva. It was a beautiful day and, even though I was tired, I had a good time.

We had our reveal earlier tonight – no wait (looking at the clock), last night – so I can share my photos with you now. Remember that at least one of the ten pictures has to reflect the assignment – I think I had three or four in this one.

1. I saw this as we were walking into the festival and had to take a picture of it:

2. The first of my repetitive elements shots was taken outside of a church where they had an adorable scene set up.

3. This was taken from a different angle to show different repetitive elements:

4. A close-up of one of the pumpkins:

5. I isolated one of the witches for this picture:

6. This was also part of the scene:

7. One of the participants decided to dress up for the festivities:

8. These boys caught the eyes of most of our members but all of the pictures were a little different:

9. This is my friend Priscilla with her daughter and grandson – three generations:

10. And finally, here are two of the crafters selling their wares:

Our next assignment is a good one – take 10 pictures that illustrate a song. We meet in mid January to reveal our masterpieces. Any ideas for a song?




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