Got my Mojo Back Today!

I haven’t been feeling well lately and it dawned on me yesterday that I hadn’t taken a picture with my camera in over a week. Now that doesn’t sound like me, does it? Also, I hadn’t started my Foto Friends assignment for next week’s meeting yet. I hadn’t even decided on a song! (Note: check post on November 17, 2012 for explanation.)

Well, today I got my mojo back! First I got an email from our unofficial Foto Friends leader that inspired me to work on the assignment – I had thought about not doing it at all. Then I went to Lake Alice, on the campus of the University of Florida. I went to be inspired and it worked. I took over 100 photos! I felt like myself again.

I need to find or take a picture of friends shaking hands and then I can put the assignment together. I’ll post it after the meeting next week. In the meantime, tonight I’ll post some of today’s outcome.

One more thing, I recently joined and uploaded a bunch of my pictures. They are available for sale. The url is – check it out a let me know what you think. Also, let me know if you want a certain photo uploaded.

Now, without further ado …


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