My Favorite Month (?!)

Well, it’s February again – my birthday month. When I was a kid I thought that the only thing good about February was my birthday … and that it was short! February in Connecticut, along the shore, is not all that nice! I remember lots of dirty slush because snow along the shoreline quickly turns to slush and the cars plus the salt make it very dirty!

On the other hand, I remember that the icy snow and sleet could be quite beautiful when frozen on the pine trees. I have a favorite picture of my backyard that shows this beauty (I scanned it but, remember, it’s old)!


I still like February because of my birthday but as I live in Florida I don’t worry about the weather as much … until this year! January 2013 had high temperatures (80s) and low temperatures (30s) plus wind, drought, and anything else Mother Nature could throw at us! My hibiscuses froze and turned brown and now my azaleas are blooming!

Here are some shots I took in January.

Winter Trees

Winter sky

Night shot




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