This was my first rodeo …

Our first Foto Friends assignment of 2013 was on movement and to get some examples a bunch of us went to the rodeo in Williston, Florida. I had never been to a rodeo before so I was quite impressed by the whole thing. I did come to the conclusion that you would have to be a little crazy to participate in some of the competitions! Here are my 10 photos that I submitted for our reveal meeting:

275276277278279280281These last three photos were “posterized” in Adobe Photoshop Elements. I like the results. When you posterize an image, it will be changed into a version containing fewer colors. This method is commonly used for creating posters, as they are easier to print with fewer colors and appear more artistic. The artistic look is also appealing in magazines and on CD covers. Another common use of posterization is to create something artistic out of a blurred or unfocused image that would otherwise be unusable. (From Ryan McAlister, eHow Contributor)



4 thoughts on “This was my first rodeo …

  1. Hey, Candy, I wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for a Liebster award; details are on my blog today.

    Also, one of my classmates recently went to her first rodeo, too. I told her I think it’s something everyone should see once.


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