Candy Cane Petunias

Candy Cane Petunias

I enjoy gardening much more than I ever thought I would. I used to hate to sweat! But once I bought my own home it was different. Before that I would tell my friends that my plan was to pour concrete and paint it green! (Somedays I still feel that way ’cause mowing is just vacuuming outside and I hate vacuuming!) Nowadays I can hire someone to mow it for me but my lawn guy recently disappeared! I have to find a new person soon – any volunteers? I pay pretty good – well, okay, I guess.

One of the best things about owning my own home is being able to plant whatever I want! It falls behind driving into my garage with groceries in the rain and being able to wash clothes at 3 am if I want! My favorite plants are hibiscus and gerber daisies. My favorite color is red – but you already figured that out didn’t you? I also like day lilies and petunias, like the one above.

Here are snapshots of some of my favorites:

Red Gerber Daisies

red hibiscus


one perfect rose


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