Photo Scavenger Hunt #3

Sunday evening my Foto Friends group had our reveal meeting for our last assignment, which was our third Photo Scavenger Hunt. This time the topics were:

1. Springtime
2. Old cars
3. Balloon/balloons/or hot air balloons
4. Hairdos
5. Park Bench
6. Faceless Portrait
7. Clouds
8. Bridges
9. Yard Art
10. Hats

I’m posting eight of my ten. My photo for #4 was taken on my vacation and I don’t want to embarrass anyone. My #6 was a Photoshop Elements fail and did not turn out as planned. So, here are the other eight:

1. Springtime – Red day lilies in my garden. I just love the color!

2. Old cars – I saw this 1956 T-bird in the parking lot of Sonny’s in Gainesville. I wanted to be sure to get the license plate in the shot!
286-Old Car

3. Balloon/balloons/or hot air balloons – I took this picture Saturday in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Using Photoshop Elements I took the advertising off the balloon and wrote in something else. It was a hit!

5. Benches – I took this picture last fall in Captiva and called it “Waiting for Summer.”

7. Clouds – We all know how I feel about clouds. This is my favorite. I’m getting closer to actually showing you what I see in a cloud.

8. Bridges – This photo that I took about a year and a half ago shows a bridge in New Orleans.

9. Yard art – When we stopped at this roadside store I asked my friend if there was enough room in her CRV to take this home. She didn’t think so. Darn.
293-Yard Art

10. Hats – I saw this hat floating in the inlet when we were in St. Thomas. I figured the wind blew it off because I almost lost my hat that way. Or it could be someone walking to shore!

Next time I’ll post some photos from my recent vacation trip to the Eastern Caribbean!


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