St. Maarten, NA

We had already docked in St. Maarten when we woke up on Day 4. We were docked on the Dutch side, in the city of Philipsburg. We did not sign up for an excursion because we were exhausted from the trip the day before. There was a water taxi service to take us to a dock near Front Street, which gave us access to a large beach and Front Street shopping. There were several boats available so we did not have to wait long going or coming.

We mostly took photos from the ship on this day. Here’s a shot of the Front Street area from the ship.


We were assisted by a tug boat when we docked and I tried to get a shot of it but it was in an odd place from where I was standing. This is the best I got in the morning.


Here’s a better shot later in the day, as we were leaving the harbor.


Here’s another shot as we were leaving. It was another lovely day.


Even the clouds were awesome!


Next post I’ll wrap up the trip report and we’ll move onto some current photos that I can’t wait to share with you!

Take care.


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