Back to Nature

This time of the year I become obsessed with snapping a good photo of Mr. and/or Mrs. Cardinal. I’m starting to think that they become obsessed with me NOT getting said photo!

I have two bird baths in my front yard. One is the traditional white concrete type and the other is a modern version made from brass – it hangs from a shepherd’s hook. The cardinals like both but Mrs. Cardinal likes to play more in the concrete one, then she sits on a different shepherd’s hook to dry herself.

Recently I was out in my front yard testing my sprinkler system when I noticed that the cardinals were visiting and not paying any attention to me. So I nonchalantly strolled into my garage and into the kitchen where my trusty camera was waiting. I picked it up and nonchalantly walked back to where I was standing. I had a field day snapping away while they played!! These are some of the photos I got. Enjoy!






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