Foto Friends July Meeting

Today we had the July meeting of my photography group, Foto Friends. The theme was ‘America the Beautiful’ and there were some beautiful photos! We each submitted 10 photos and only one had to be related to the theme – I did two this month, the first one and the last one. Here are the first half of my pictures:

This is the house across the street. The wind blew the flag out and I got the shot!
295Blue skies with wispy clouds – taken at the pool last week.
296A rose from my rosebush – I ‘posterized’ it with Adobe Photoshop Elements.
297This is a panorama that I took of a storm coming in.
298The lizards love to climb on all of my yard art. This one is headed down one of the small shepherd’s hooks I have.

Watching the presentation I realized that I was the only one to take new pictures for the assignment. Some had mixed new photos with old ones and some had submitted all old ones taken from their archives. I should add that most of the members of the group travel – a lot – so they had some gorgeous pictures taken all over the country! A couple of people used pictures that really emulated America the Beautiful. I thought of that too late so I took pictures locally of my favorite subjects.

Here are the second half of my pictures:

A close-up of one of my hibiscus flowers.
300This is one of the many turtles I have in my yard – no it’s not real, it’s yard art!
301A close-up of a daylily in my garden.
302My bff doing her water aerobics in an empty pool!
303A small flag I put in one of my containers – Happy Birthday America!


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