Composite Portraits

Our most recent assignment for my Foto Friends group was an interesting one. Our instructions were to gather things together to form a portrait of either yourself or a family member, or even a stranger … and then take a photo of the objects.  We could do one, two, or up to ten. I did two. The first one was a self-portrait and the second was a portrait of my mother’s family.

The reveal was yesterday and, once again, we had very different interpretations of the assignment! It was wonderful to see what we all came up with. Since the reveal is over I can share mine with you.


Starting with the upper left corner: (1) I have a blue and white collection of vases, etc. (2) I am a beader and this is a sample of my beads. (3) My birthday is in February and I have had this angel forever. (4) I love shells and this is a sample of last year’s haul from Captiva Island. The photos in the middle are (5) my favorite family photo and (6) a favorite cloudscape. (7) I have a cup & saucer collection that I started in high school. This set I inherited from my grandmother. (8) I love turtles! This is one of the turtles in my gardens. (9). My mother made this ceramic figurine a long time ago – it was always in her house and now it is in mine.


Starting in the upper left corner and going along the top row: (1) My great-grandparents with my grandfather and great-aunt, circa 1908. (2) My grandfather and (3) grandmother at the beach in the early 1920s. (4) My mother, the youngest on the right, with her sister and brother. In the middle: (5) My mother and her siblings sitting on the steps of the family summer cottage in 1932. Bottom row: (6) My grandparents in Tampa in 1959. (7) My mother’s wedding picture. (8) Me, youngest in lower left corner, with my sister and cousins sitting on the steps of the same summer cottage. (9) A favorite photo of my mother from the 1950s.

Try this one out yourself and let me know what you come up with!


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