I was not a fan of Instagram for a long time. I love my Nikon so why did I need a fancy camera app on my iPhone, right? Well, I tried it and I was wrong. I like many of the effects we can use – I really like that we can make a photo look like 1977! (I remember what photos looked like in 1977!)

I took this one today.


I also like that we can make a photo black & white. I’m sure you have taken a photo or two and thought it would have been better in black & white, right?



As for clouds, well, what can I say …

IMG_0056 IMG_0092 IMG_0157 IMG_0205

How do you feel about Instagram? Do you use it often?


2 thoughts on “Instagram

  1. I haven’t used Instagram. I use Snapseed on my ipad and Adobe Lightroom with my cameras. It’s not that I’m opposed to Instagram, it’s that I haven’t gotten to it yet. I like what you’ve done with your photos using the app.


    • Thanks Jeanne! How’s life in Utila?
      I have used Snapseed on my iPad too – I really like Mobile Monet for fun stuff. I use Adobe Elements if I do anything with my photos but mostly I just crop. I’ve heard of Lightroom but don’t know anything about it.


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