Colder Weather

This is what Florida looks like as the weather gets colder. I have lived here 20 years now and still find it hard to believe that it is Christmastime until I look at the calendar! It was 79 degrees here on Friday! Sometimes when I pull into the mall and can’t find a parking space, I wonder why there are so many cars here – I forget that people are out shopping for presents.DSC_4534DSC_4998DSC_5000

I have decided that people make up for the lack of snow by putting up tons of Christmas lights. A couple of years ago my photography group went to St. Augustine to photograph their Christmas boat parade, known as the “Nights of Lights”. It was beautiful – but hard to photograph. Here are three of my favorites.

140 141 142

My neighbor’s poinsettia plant is blooming nicely so I hope to take a couple of photos tomorrow. Today I was amazed to see that I still had a few flowers on my hibiscus plants.

DSC_5067 DSC_5072 DSC_5074


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