Retirement Home for Horses (Post #100)

On January 18th my photography club went to the Retirement Home for Horses at Mill Creek Farm located in Alachua, Florida. This is a nonprofit equine sanctuary that provides lifelong care for horses that have been neglected or abused or that are unwanted. They are open to the public every Saturday from 11am-3pm and the admission is two carrots. We stopped at the grocery store and got two big bags of carrots – payment for letting us take their picture!

In my photography group, we get an assignment for at least one of our photos. This time it was “body parts.” We submit a total of 10 photos for our reveal meeting, which was earlier today. Here are my 10 from the farm:

1.  The horses are all watching the visitors walk to the next paddock.317

2. Then these two turned and looked at me!


3.  This is my “body part” entry – if you look closely you can see my reflection in his eye.


4. This is an Appaloosa resident of the farm.


5. This pony was plotting to get to the carrots anyway he could.


6. My portrait of a beautiful senior citizen.


7. Lineup of the bridles.


8. Another resident of the farm enjoying the day.323

9. What an expressive face!


10. One of their newest residents.


It was an amazing morning and we only saw about a third of the farm. I will definitely return for another visit.


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