Road Trip – Part 1

Two weekends ago, my photography club went on a road trip. The plan was to go to the International Cherry Blossom Festival in Macon, Georgia. We wanted to photograph the hot air balloon ascension on Saturday morning and the fireworks Saturday night. We had decided to stay for both Friday and Saturday nights because of the timing of those two events.

Ten of us participated in the weekend festivities; eight club members plus two spouses. We – me and my friend Sharren – left Gainesville around 11 am on Friday morning. We headed north on I-75 and stayed on the highway until we got to Cordele Georgia. We stopped and got gas next to Leroy’s One Stop Bait & Tackle.


We stayed off the highway and drove west on US Highway 280. We decided to enjoy the beautiful spring day by driving through small towns and seeing the sites. We went as far as Americus where we headed north on State Road 49 to Andersonville, site of a Civil War Prison and Cemetery. We did not have a lot of time so we chose to go to the prison site and return another time to go to the cemetery and museum.

Andersonville is a National Historic Site and part of the National Park System. We entered at the northwest corner of the prison stockade where there are twelve monuments. I had never been to a Civil War site before – the first thing I noticed when we got out of the car was that sadness seemed to permeate the grounds. The sky and clouds appeared to be grayer over the site.


I took a few shots of the monuments and canons on the grounds.




We drove around the grounds, stopping at the different sites. The most interesting were the North Gate and Providence Spring.

DSC_0240 DSC_0245

DSC_0239r DSC_0247

Since we were meeting our group for dinner in Macon we did not have a lot of time to stay here. We will come back one day. I think this photo sums up our feelings as we left the prison site.


Next time I’ll share photos from our day in Macon.


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