Old Florida

We had our reveal meeting tonight and it was our 40th Foto Friends assignment. Now that is a milestone! We have been meeting for five years, starting in May 2009. This month’s assignment was ‘Old Florida’ and here are my 10 photos:

1. I took this one and the next one from the dock of the fish camp. We only have to have one photo that depicts the assignment but I think both of these fit the bill. What do you think?


2. I really like the depth of field on this one.

3383. I had never seen a red dragonfly before, have you?


4. A visitor to the fish camp waiting to see if anything was left behind.

3405. This fish weather vane caught my eye and then I saw the cobwebs – loved it!

3416. I took this out the car window – I love her expression.


7. Old Florida swamp.343

8. I like photographs of plants in water.


9. I caught these three in different stages of flight.


10. This is a vertical panorama that I put together of a lovely old tree.


I was very happy with my photographs for this assignment. I see improvement and growth in my work from five years ago.

Our next assignment is a photography scavenger hunt and we will meet in mid August for the reveal. July is just too hot to try to do something together outdoors!


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