Mid-summer Lull

I haven’t taken a lot of photographs since my sister left over a week ago. I call this my mid-summer lull or downtime because it is just too hot to do anything outside! I have less than a month before the current Foto Friends assignment is due so I have something to work on. I don’t remember if I shared the list with you so here it is:

1.  July 4th
2.  Domestic animals
3.  Sensual
4.  Family outing
5.  Water
6.  “My summer vacation”
7.  Younger generation
8.  Tattoos
9.  Trees
10.  Wild Card (this means you pick whatever you want)

I already have 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, and 9. Our next reveal is August 23rd which is right around the corner. I better get busy!

I have taken a few picture of my flowers, especially after watering them, and some of the lizards who think the yard is theirs not mine.


I love the shadow in this shot of a hibiscus bloom.


This little guy is sitting on a welcome sign checking out the view.


This is one of my new roses after I watered it.


This guy is hanging on after climbing up a plant stand.


I took this shot not realizing the lens had fogged up – I like the dreamy feeling it portrays.


I found this guy when I picked up a flowerpot – he was resting in the tray!


Lastly, old reliable – this plant never disappoints.

I am going out-of-town for a workshop so maybe I’ll see some different things to photograph – the camera always goes with me because I never know what I might see!


2 thoughts on “Mid-summer Lull

  1. I especially like the photos of the flowers. They’re absolutely beautiful. Do you have any “tricks” for fogging lenses, or do you just wait until your camera adjusts to the temperature?


    • Thank you Shelley! The fogging happened because I came out of my air-conditioned house and the lens fogged up like my glasses often do! I will investigate and see if there are any hints from some of my favorite sites and let you know.


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