Losing Old Friends and Other Things

I lost one of my oldest hibiscus plants last week. I don’t remember how old it was but next week I start my eighteenth year in my house and I’ve had this plant for as long as I can remember. It would grow tall every summer then get hit by frost in winter but come back every spring. It had lovely pink-red blooms like this one:


So, when I was in Lowe’s last weekend, I could not resist two new hibiscus plants – the color of their blooms were irresistible! I even planted them less than 24 hours after buying them – a rarity for me!



I finally selected my photos for this month’s Foto Friends reveal, which is Saturday. The assignment was a photo scavenger hunt. One or two were harder than the rest but I’m happy with my choices. I will post them Saturday night after the meeting. Here’s one that I almost submitted for Domesticated Animal:


I saw this dog playing in the waves when I went to the beach with my sister last month. He or she was really enjoying the water!

I’ve been fooling around with a couple of my favorites apps lately. I’ll share the results with you soon.


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