Photo Scavenger Hunt Reveal

Yesterday my photo club had our reveal meeting for Photo Scavenger Hunt #4. We had a wonderful time oohing & aahing over everyone’s photos. There are ten of us in the club and we each submitted ten photos so it took a little time to see them all but they were worth it.

I’m posting nine of my ten. My photo for #4 (Family outing) was taken on my vacation and I didn’t get permission to post it on the internet. Here are the rest of mine:

1.  July 4th

347- July 4th2.  Domestic animal

348-Domestic animal3.  Sensual


5.  Water

351-Water6.  “My summer vacation”

352-My summer vacation7.  Younger generation

353-Younger generation8.  Tattoos

354-Tattoos9.  Trees

355-Trees10.  Wild Card


I am very happy with how these turned out. The first one was done using “Mobile Monet” and next time I will be telling you more about that app plus another one called Brushstroke.


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