A Very Wet Summer


This has been one of the wettest summers I’ve experienced since moving to Florida over 20 years ago! It has rained every day for the past 2 or 3 weeks! It has rained so much that plants are dying from too much water. I lost another hibiscus plant and a third one is not looking good. I researched it and it looks like they have hibiscus wilt – a fungus caused by too much water. What’s odd is that it seems to effect the oldest plants first.

On weekends it seems to rain whenever I think about going to the pool. It can be 9:00 am or 5:30 pm, if I mention going to the pool within an hour it’s raining! At least I get the chance to take pictures like this:


Often it doesn’t last very long at all. On Labor Day we decided to eat inside because it was so darn hot. Within 5 minutes of getting our food the skies opened up! I went out to the carport to get my camera and had to snap this picture. If you can take your eyes off the adorable girl you’ll see the rain in the background. It lasted less than five minutes!


The good news is the flowers often look even prettier when wet!



And then there’s the ultimate prize:


I hope you’re finding rainbows in your skies!



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