Italy – Day 1

Here’s a quick synopsis of my trip over to Italy: I flew out of Charlotte on Tuesday 9/16 and arrived in Rome early on Wednesday 9/17. We spent three nights in Rome where we did some sight-seeing. On Saturday 9/20 we boarded the bullet train to Florence. After picking up another friend at the Florence airport we were off to find our villa in Tuscany. We spent the next 7 nights there enjoying the countryside. On Saturday we drove back to Florence to spend our last night in a hotel close to the airport since we all had early morning flights.

Day 1

We arrived in Rome mid-morning on Wednesday. We got to the apartment where we were staying around 11am CET (central European time) so we walked around the neighborhood and found a little place for lunch. I had linguini with pesto and it was outstanding!! We returned to the apartment after lunch to unpack but ended up taking 3-hour naps. We definitely felt less jet lagged when we woke up.

History is everywhere in Rome. For example, the apartment we stayed in had the aqueducts for a back fence.


We had a guided tour of the Vatican Museum scheduled for Day 2.


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