Italy – Day 2

Day 2 was, to be honest, a comedy of errors. It started when we decided to walk to the metro and ended with blisters the size of half-dollars!

We headed towards the metro stop and I took a couple of shots along the way. This is the
Basilica di San Giovanni. We passed it on the way from the airport and could see it from the end of our street. With my zoom lens, I got a closeup of the top.


The walk to the metro took longer than expected so we were on the train during morning rush hour – talk about a tight fit! Unfortunately, by the time we reached the Vatican Museum, we had missed the start time for our tour. The person at the desk changed our tickets to the afternoon tour at 1:30 so we had almost 2 hours of free time to fill. We decided to see Saint Peter’s Basilica. So, we walked another 20-30 minutes and took in the wonder of the basilica:







We stopped to have lunch at a little bistro and sat outside. As we were finishing, it started to rain. Luckily it didn’t last very long as we had to walk back to the museum for our tour. We arrived at 1pm for the 1:30 start and were told that the tour had already started but we could catch up to it. Now, this was a sign of what was to come. The description said groups of no more than 18 but there were over 30 in our group. The guide was extremely knowledgeable but was not a leader. She would walk ahead of us and get out of range of the headphones we were given. I heard a lot of static! On top of that, they started two other tours around the same time so we were competing with them to get through doorways and into rooms so we could hear our guide! I did get some photos of amazing artwork:


DSC_2891 DSC_2892DSC_2885DSC_2900

We left the tour before it was over as we were tired and getting frustrated. We decided to take a bus back to the apartment and asked a policeman for directions. We were sent to the center hub to change buses to #105, which we had seen on our street, When we got there we were told that there was no bus #105! Perfect end to the day. Needless to say, we got on a bus that got us close and took a taxi home. Phew, what a long day!!


4 thoughts on “Italy – Day 2

  1. Loved reading your synopsis Candy. Even though it was an array of mishaps…YOU WERE IN ITALY!!! I loved the photo’s you shared. You ALWAYS IMPRESS ME with your photography~


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