Italy – Day 3

Day 3 made up for anything bad that may have happened on Day 2! We had a private tour of “ancient Rome” scheduled with a wonderful guide named Salvatore. He even arrived early with some pastries from a local bakery! We toured in his comfortable van. First stop was the Colosseum. But before we got out he took us to a lookout point so we could get a view of the whole thing. I was very intrigued by the trees we kept seeing and asked him about them. They are pine trees, where the pine nut comes from. They are everywhere!


Salvatore dropped us off near the Arch of Constantine and we made arrangements to meet him after we finished.

DSC_2968r DSC_2977r

The Colosseum
DSC_2981 DSC_2986 DSC_3006

A panoramic view of the basement. This is where the animals and slave were kept. Click on it for better view,

Colosseum basement panoramic

View of the entrance to the Forum:

Our next stop was a beautiful church that was not on the usual tours. On the way there Salvatore drove us past the large bust of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, located in front of the convent of her order, not far from the Colosseum.

The church was quite impressive, especially inside, but we didn’t have a lot of time as there was a wedding scheduled!

As we left the church Salvatore asked if we had heard of the Keyhole of Rome. Of course, none of us had so he decided that was our next spot. He told us not to say anything until all four of us had looked through the keyhole so we didn’t ruin the surprise. The keyhole is in the locked gates of the Church of Our Lady of the Priory – the church of the Knights of Malta. It is located on Aventine Hill. Here’s a photo of tourists waiting to look through the keyhole and shots of what I saw when I looked:

I don’t want to burn you out so that’s enough for today, we’ll finish Day 3 tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Italy – Day 3

    • Thank you Billie! The rest of the day was cool. We went to a local trattoria for lunch. Delizioso! I’ll post about it later today.


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