Italy – Day 9

Day 9 was one of my favorite days! We visited Volterra, a walled medieval hilltop town with amazing views of Tuscany. It was fairly close by so we did not have to start out too early. I took some more photos of the scenery from the back of the villa and along the way to Volterra.
DSC_4020DSC_4002DSC_4011 DSC_4029

We entered Volterra at the Porta a Selci, the first door on the walls of the city. Only residents can drive inside the walls, so we had to find parking. The lot we found had no place to pay so it was free!

This plaque was placed on the wall in 1984. It was in honor of the allied troops that passed through this gate when the city was liberated on July 9, 1944. You can see American GIs climbing up to the gate, with smaller icons for Volterra, the US, 5th Army, and 88th Infantry along the right side.

I really liked the feel and the look of Volterra.

These statues were part of the front facade of the Church of San Pietro. The church was on the main street as you enter through Porta a Selci. A church was initially established in 1005 and part of this building dates to the 12th century.
DSC_4069  DSC_4071

The scenery on the ride back to the villa was as lovely as ever. Some of these I took through the window of our vehicle.

DSC_4120 DSC_4121 DSC_4150

We had to pack up when we got back to the villa. Time to go back to Florence and then home.


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