I had another birthday!

I love my birthday – I always have. When I was a young girl growing up in Connecticut, I loved it because it usually came during winter break and was the only highlight in the month of February! Once, when I was very young, I had to spend my birthday at my grandparents’ house because my sister had the mumps and they didn’t want me to catch them. John Glenn went up in space that day!

It was a quiet birthday this year. My bff took me out for breakfast and then to the Harn Museum of Art.  The Harn has a new exhibit “Monet and American Impressionism” that we have been wanting to see. It was amazing. I have a couple new favorite artists now!

I want to share some pictures of my roses with you. They lived a lot longer than any other bloom on this bush. I’m not sure why but maybe they froze for a few days when they were in full bloom!

I took this on 1/10/15.

The next 3 were taken on January 22nd.

On 1/27 they looked like this:

On February 6th they were still looking pretty good.

Still looking good on February 9th:

Have you ever had roses last so long, even in the cold?


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