From My Garden

Springtime in Florida, although short, is my favorite time of year. This is probably due to the appearance of new blooms in my garden. I shared photos of my Amaryllis earlier this month, but more plants have bloomed since then – or been added to the family!

The hibiscus is my favorite flower in my garden. I rarely leave a garden store without a new addition. This year I have added two – so far! The first is a variegated version with a red flower. It is a large plant that I put in a container. My photos don’t show the whole plant since I like to get close-up, but you can see some of the leaves. I love the shades of red and the shades of green together.

The second one is a smaller plant with a larger flower. I put it in a pot for now but will probably plant it soon. It’s flower is a lovely shade of coral that changes with the light.

 Next time I will share photos of my Gerbera Daisies and Daylilies with you.


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