A new garden for my yard

Most of my flowers and plants are in the main front yard on the left of my garage. On the right I have a small garden with a red crape myrtle and some bulbs that have not bloomed yet. In front of my fence are a yellow Allamanda and some coral canna lilies. This spring I decided to spruce this area up a bit, especially since I could not find two sprinkler heads that were in that area!

This part of my yard is under a large oak so it doesn’t get full sun. I had purchased some azaleas at the Home Show and they are shade tolerant. So, I knew I would include them in my revision. I also decided to put in a path for my neighbor to be able to get to her air conditioner. I had some round stepping stones in my back yard that worked perfectly.

The first thing I had to do was remove lots of oak leaves and pull out weeds. This helped me to find the first of my missing sprinkler heads. Due to illness, my neighbor hadn’t worked in her yard in a while so I cleaned it out some for her – and I found the second of my missing sprinkler heads! I decided that I did not want to hunt for them next year so I stuck a lawn ornament as a marker next to each one.

To be continued… 


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