Time to Catch-Up

First, an apology: I am sorry that so many months have lapsed since my last post. I have found that retiring from one career and starting another takes more time and effort than I originally calculated. Also, there has been quite of bit of catching up on sleep, cleaning, repairing, etc. going on around here! Don’t worry, though, I have been taking lots of photos!

Second, what I have been doing: I migrated everything to my new self-hosted website. I am very excited about how it is coming along. The only downside is that clhPhotography.com was taken. I went with clh-Photography.com. If you would like to know when the official launch happens, click here.

Third, plans and goals: I have been thinking about you over the last few months and wondering how to make this blog better and came up with a few ideas. I will offer you more tips and articles about digital photography, connect you with some of my favorite people and sites, and post most often (weekly at the very least). Future plans include a newsletter and starting an online Foto Club.

Here are a couple of my photos from last fall:

_DSC6960 _DSC7031 _DSC7489

The next two posts will catch you up-to-date with my photo group. Take care and Happy New Year!


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