Everybody Loves Curves

My photo club, Foto Friends, met a couple of times since we last spoke so I have some pictures to share. Monday I went to a local site with my BFF to take pictures of the sandhill cranes who always stop in Gainesville when migrating, to spend a couple of months with their cow friends! We had a blast but I can’t show those photos until next month’s meeting. Here’s one to tide you over.

407Note: click on photos for larger image.

The theme for the fall assignment was: Everybody Loves Curves. We had to submit 10 pictures with something curved in them. I submitted the following:

1. First I focused on the curve of the palms across the street.407
2. Then I focused on the curve of the crepe myrtle in my yard.408
3. This is a cast iron decoration hanging on a fence. Here I focused on the curve itself.409
4. I also focused on the shadow of the curve.410
5. This is part of a mobile, with curves, in my yard.411
6. The entire curvy mobile.412
7. I passed this tree and thought “curves!”413
8. The curve of the curb in a cul-de-sac.414
9. Yard art with curves.415
10. And, of course, clouds with curves!416

This assignment was a bit difficult for me. See if you can find things with curves in your area!


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