New Gutters and Other Exciting Things

My exciting news of the week is that I finally got new gutters put on my house! They came last Monday morning so I worked from home that day. First, they cleaned off the roof and bagged up the leaves. I had to run to Lowe’s to get more leaf bags. The final count was eight! Next, they removed the old gutters – they recycle the old gutters and that is very important to me. I had new gutters installed all the way around the house this time along with gutter guards. Here are 3 shots of the new gutters on the front of my house:

They also replaced some metal sheeting, or kickplate, that I had put on my porch to cut down on the rain coming in. It worked, but they were ugly! I put them up myself about 15 years ago and was not very precise in the cutting or placement. This inspired me to clean my back porch – I’m about half way done!

Yesterday was a glorious spring day and the clouds were amazing. I shot some through the moonroof of my bff’s car. Here are a few shots:

I enhanced the middle one in the second row so we could see the rainbow. Have you ever seen a rainbow like that before?


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